In 2011, the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools office started its strategic planning process to review and redefine its purpose as an organization. Initial steps included creating a diverse 27-member planning team comprised of staff, community and faith-based representatives, business and labor leaders, parents and students to develop a draft plan. The planning team's charge was to define the organization's beliefs, craft a mission statement, and develop objectives and strategies that would guide our steps as we move forward in our work to serve students, families, schools and districts.

The planning team zeroed in on nine core beliefs that express the fundamental values of County Schools, a mission statement that declares the unique identity and specific purpose of our work with bold objectives and strategies to commit and lead the work of our organziation as we aspire to provide the highest quality educational services.

Following the work of the planning team, five Action Teams were formed and convened to formulate implementation plans for each of the strategies as a compass for our work over the course of the next several years. The five Action Teams were 1) Communication, 2) Education, 3) Family/Community, 4) Leadership, and 5) Technology. These plans have and continue to steer our work and efforts.

As we continue to aspire to our strategic intent of transforming lives through education, a new strategy has been identified for improving wellness: "We will create an environment that nurtures personal and social wellness for staff and students, building healthy communities."

Please stay tuned to see the exciting work of the Wellness Strategy Action Team and the initiatives they develop!